Get on your bike this spring!

We have had quite a few clients asking about local cycle routes around their holiday cottage when making bookings since the New Year. We thought we would help by providing a quick overview of what you need to get on your bike. If you’re planning on getting fit, getting out on two wheels or exploring Great Britain or Ireland on a bike, this post is for you!

Spring is traditionally a time when the weather warms and people begin going outside for pleasure once again. We would encourage everyone to cycle as it’s relatively cheap, easy to learn and has far-reaching health benefits. Many of our clients take their bikes away with them to their holiday cottage as it’s a great way to explore the area around you.

If you’re planning to rediscover cycling, or want to enjoy the area around your holiday cottage on two wheels, bear these things in mind.

Rent before you buy

There are probably hundreds of thousands of bikes slowly decaying in garages across the country. Don’t let yours be one of them. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and buy a bike and only ever use it a few times. If you’re unsure whether cycling is for you, rent one first.

There are plenty of places around the UK that will hire a bike by the hour or day. It’s a simple way to enjoy cycling while on holiday and trying before you buy.

Get the right bike for the terrain

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and not all are equally suitable for every type of riding. Planning to spend most of your time off road? Get a mountain bike. Planning to use country lanes to get around? A road bike would be fine for this. Planning on mixing it up? A hybrid would probably be best here.

If you’re renting, talk to the people managing the rental. They will know the area and what bike would best suit.

Size is everything

Having the right size bike, right size helmet, jacket, rucksack gloves or whatever becomes even more important when you’re on a bike. To be truly comfortable, your kit needs to fit. It doesn’t matter how expensive or how cheap it is, if it doesn’t fit it isn’t going to work properly.

Be safe

Helmets aren’t compulsory but they are a very good idea. Get one that fits you well and you will soon forget you’re even wearing one. The benefits of wearing one far outweigh the negatives. If you’re planning on cycling with the children, you also have to set an example, so put that lid on!

Exploring the countryside by bike is a simple way to enhance your holiday cottage experience. Do it right and you could have the time of your life.

Follow in the footsteps of the Tour of Britain Stages 5-8

2014 Tour of BritainContinuing on from our previous post, we’re following the route of the Tour of Britain as it takes in the very best of the UK. This post continues the Tour from stage 5 to the finale at stage 8 in London.

If you’re a keen cyclist or just felt inspired by what you saw, can help. We have a huge selection of high quality holiday accommodation across the UK. It’s easy to build your very own Tour, or follow the real one. It’s entirely up to you!

Stage 5 Exmouth to Exeter

The Exmouth to Exeter stage of the Friends Life Tour of Britain lasted for 177.3km and took in the best of Devon and Dartmoor. If you like your cycling, walking or just being outside, this is the stage for you.

The riders began in Exmouth centre, rode out to Dartmoor, over Haytor, around Tavistock and back round to Exeter city centre. The stage included some of the best scenery in the West country too.

Stage 6 Bath to Hemel Hempstead

Stage 6 brought us back into the heart of England from Bath city centre to Hemel Hempstead over 205.7km. The route passed Trowbridge, Hungerford, went around High Wycombe and ended in Hemel Hempstead, north of London.

This was another scenic route that showed a completely different aspect of our country. Rolling hills, forests, across the M4 and into the outskirts of the capital. All places ideal for a weekend break in a holiday cottage as well as several hours on the bike!

Stage 7 Camberley to Brighton

The penultimate stage of the Tour of Britain saw us shift to Hampshire for the start that took us from Camberley, 226km across the south of England to Brighton to finish in the town centre.

This was another fantastic route that took in the South Downs, West Sussex, looped around Eastbourne, went through Lewes before heading into Brighton. Any of these locations offer fantastic cycling, walking and sightseeing and is well worth a visit!

Stage 8 London

The final stage of the Tour of Britain was split into two parts. The first was an individual time trial through the city streets while the second part was a circuit race. The TT part lasted for 8.8km while the circuit 88.8km.

Our capital should need no introduction. It’s full of culture, interest, attractions and things to see and do. We even have holiday cottages within the city too!

The Tour of Britain was a great way to see parts of our country we wouldn’t normally get to see. If you were inspired by any of it, use the search function on our site to find a holiday cottage near your point of interest. We have thousands of them to choose from!

Spring family breaks in a luxury holiday cottage

Family holidays are about spending quality time together, reconnecting outside of busy schedules and for having fun and enjoying yourselves. Having somewhere nice to do all that is at the centre of what a spring family break is all about. That’s where a holiday cottage comes in.

With accommodation taken care of, you can concentrate on enjoying each other’s company, finding things to do, learning new skills, trying new activities and growing together.

A luxury holiday cottage from is just the ticket!

Base of operations

Using one of our high quality holiday cottages as a base of operations is the ideal way to begin a spring break with the family. We have thousands of self-catering properties, in almost every part of the UK and Ireland. So no matter where you want to go or what you want to do, we can help.

Here are some ideas of the kind of spring break your family could be enjoying in just a couple of weeks.

Family seaside breaks – What better way to enjoy the spring sunshine than with a holiday cottage by the sea? As an island we have more coast than many countries so we should really make the most of it.

Have a short break in a seaside resort, or somewhere quieter among the sand dunes. It’s your break, have it your way.

Family fishing breaks – Fishing is one of the most relaxing pastimes we can think of. You get fresh air, sunshine and get to spend time next to the water. With thousands of miles of rivers and hundreds of lakes, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to locations.

With thousands of holiday cottages near some of the best fishing spots in the country, we can help you find that perfect place for a spring fishing break.

Family cycling breaks – With cycling more popular than ever, what better time to spend time on two wheels than the Spring bank holiday? Get your kids into the habit of exercising while enjoying themselves, explore new roads, new forests and new trails, or get some miles in on some of the most challenging ascents and descents in the UK.

However you like your cycling, a family cycling break this spring bank holiday could be just what the doctor ordered.

Those are just three of the many holiday ideas you could enjoy this Spring bank holiday. Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go, has the perfect cottage for you!