Advantages of holiday cottages for new parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is a daunting experience with all that dealing with a baby involves. So when it comes to taking a well earned break away you will need to consider many aspects as it is no longer as straight forward and easy to travel as it was, pre baby.

As you will be aware when travelling even a short distance with a baby it involves planning and taking everything but the kitchen sink with you. Therefore when considering your first break away with your new addition there are a number of points to consider that may persuade you to remain in the United Kingdom.

You will not have to incur the cost of a passport if you stay within the United Kingdom. Which could be an unwelcome additional expense, at an already expensive time.

Other hidden expenses can be involved when holidaying abroad. In particular the cost of getting to and from the airport. Transportation charges when you get to your destination. Or parking charges for when your car is left at the airport.

You will not have to worry about exceeding your baggage allowance bearing in mind a baby does not get its own baggage allowance with many airlines. This could result in the dreaded excess baggage charges.

In addition there is also the worry about baggage getting mislaid or lost on the journey.

Travelling with new babies and young children can be stressful on both you and the child. The hustle and bustle of airports can be daunting and scary for young children. There is the whole issue of the long waits for checking in where they will get bored and restless. Then there is the process of getting through security, where you have to take young children in and out of their pushchairs/prams as you go through the security procedures. The fact that you cannot take through certain amounts of fluids might mean that you may not be ableto take through ready made bottles or foods for the journey.

During take off and landing many young children can encounter problems with pressure in their ears causing considerable discomfort resulting in them becoming distressed and crying which, can also affect you if you are unable to settle them.

If you are holidaying in warmer countries you will have to be careful with young children and exposure to the sun. Under six months of age it is not recommended that you use any sun creams on their delicate skins. The heat can make them uncomfortable as their bodies cannot regulate their temperatures as we can as we get older. This may involve keeping them in the shade or in air conditioned environments.

The water in many foreign countries is not as clean as it is in the United Kingdom and therefore you will have to be very careful when making up feeds and bottles with regard to sterilising and boiling water for drinking purposes.

It is also worth taking extra baby formula in case you should run out or be delayed on your return journey. You may not be able to get your particular brand of baby formula where you are.

The added bonuses of travelling in the United Kingdom are:

  • You can load up the car with everything you might need and not have to worry about carrying it/checking it in. Just go and unload at your destination.
  • The children can be comfortably placed in their car seat/carry cot before you travel and they may sleep for most or perhaps the entire journey. Older children can be settled with their handheld entertainment devises, colouring or other activities to keep them occupied.
  • You do not have to worry about airport strikes or delays if you are holidaying in the United Kingdom.
  • You can choose from a number of holiday options from relaxing seaside breaks, staying on a farm, camping in the woods or in a dedicated site with all amenities. You can then select from staying in hotels or in holiday cottages which, will probably be the better option with young children as it will offer you the convenience of being home from home with all the necessary amenities and room to spread out and make yourself comfortable.
  • There are no language barriers to overcome, making your holiday a simpler process.
  • There is no time difference for young children to adjust to.

The United Kingdom has so much to offer from stunning scenery, a wealth of activities and attractions many of them free.

It is no wonder more and more families are choosing to staycation, as it is increasingly referred, in the United Kingdom. Perhaps it is time to see for yourself the benefits of a staycation.