Top ten British scuba diving sites part two

Continuing our series on British scuba diving sites, we cover the final five of what we think are the top ten British scuba areas around our fair island. While not as exotic as the Bahamas or Egypt, British shores have an amazing amount of life and variety to offer divers of all levels.

Last time we covered Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, Eddystone Reef and the James Eagan Layne, Plymouth, M2 off Portland and Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel. So let's see what else our island has to offer.

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Farnes Islands, Northumberland

While the brown waters of the North Sea doesn't initially look like they could provide good diving, it does have a few surprises up its sleeve. The Farnes Islands off the coast of Northumberland is an exposed set of islands home to some 5,000 seals who love to play when they aren't feeding. It's a great experience that really does lighten the soul.

Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire

Skomer Island is another dive for those who like to experience sea creatures in their own habitat. It's a marine reserve, so is full of fish, crustaceans and life of all kinds. There is also the Lucy, a local coaster around 40m down for those who like to fully explore where they dive.

Bouley Bay, Jersey

Bouley Bay in Jersey is an excellent place to dive. The sheltered bays have reefs, rocks and wrecks aplenty and the sea is warm and pleasant if you time it right. Fishing has now been banned here and life is starting to return. Octopus and sunfish have been spotted, as have seahorses and creatures of all kinds. There are a few wrecks to explore too, so have something for everyone.

SS Missouri, Anglesey

The SS Missouri sank in 1880 off Porth Dafarch, Anglesey and is an excellent beginner wreck dive. It's on sand, at a depth of only 13m and sheltered from the current. It's a gentle dive in relatively clear water and there is a surprising amount of this four-masted steam ship left to see.

Sound of Mull, Scotland

The Sound of Mull is a very popular diving spot with lots of companies offering dives out there. There are a few wrecks, including The Hispania, Thesis, Shuna and Rondo and plenty of sea life to see too either on the wrecks or around them. The waters aren't the warmest you'll ever dive, but the variety of life makes bearing with it well worth your while.

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