Why choose a holiday cottage?

In an ever-shrinking world where air travel is faster and cheaper than ever before, why rent a holiday cottage? Why forgo sunny beaches and foreign climates for England? Why holiday here when there is an entire world to explore?

The short answer to those questions is fairly simple. Because we want to. The longer answer is well, longer. There are several reasons why holiday cottages are so popular.

They include:

  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Location
  • Flexibility

Let’s take a look at each in turn.

Cost of holiday cottages

Let’s not underestimate the impact of cost on our everyday lives. It influences just about every decision we make and is one of the main reasons holiday cottages are so popular.

There is no need to pay overinflated airline prices with a holiday cottage. No need to pay extortionate costs for parking, or manage the expense of kids running around an airport looking for things to buy.

A holiday cottage is a very cost-effective way of getting away from it all for a while. You don’t need to pay for flights, you don’t need to pay for transfers, tips or anything else. You can select a size and location to suit your tastes and your budget and truly tailor your holiday to fit you.

Plus, everything you spend stays within the local economy. Not only are you saving money yourselves, you’re also helping to support local businesses.

Convenience of holiday cottages

How long were you waiting at the airport the last time you went abroad? How much was airport parking? How much did you spend in the airport? None of that is necessary with a holiday cottage.

By the time you have driven to the airport, found a parking space and checked in, you could be sitting in your holiday cottage with a glass of something cool watching the world go by.

Location of holiday cottages

The self-catering industry is now well established and is mature enough to have properties just about anywhere in the U.K. and Ireland. If you want something somewhere, we can usually find it for you.

Our lovely country is full of places to explore and new towns and villages to venture into. It’s too easy to take it all for granted or think it’s all the same. It really isn’t. A holiday in the U.K can be just as invigorating, if not more so, than a trip abroad.

No more late night flights, no more jet lag, no more bleary-eyed drives from the airport. Those days are past!

Flexibility of holiday cottages

If you have spent any time at all on our site, you will already see that your options are numerous. You can choose property types, price, location, date, features, pet friendly and so much more. You really can have your holiday your way.

Need to move a date? Check with the property owner and it should be no problem as long as the property is vacant at the time. No need to change flights or pay extra “administration fees” for simple things like that!

These are just some of the reasons holiday cottages are so popular. Isn’t it about time you booked yours?

Welcome to the new Holiday Cottages blog!

Today is the beginning of a new era. An era of blogging that begins right here, right now.

From today onwards, the holidaycottages.net blog will be updated twice a week with news, useful information, tops tens, hints, tips and general information about holiday lettings and boat rentals.

So not only will the main site be the place to go if you’re looking for holiday accommodation anywhere in the UK and Ireland, it will also be the place to go if you want to know more about holiday lettings in general.

It’s all part of our commitment  to provide the very best service to all our customers!

Holiday cottages

Given the website name is holidaycottages.net, our speciality is of course, holiday cottages. Cottages and holiday lets are our main focus as they make up the largest proportion of holiday rentals within the U.K. But, we’re about much more than that.

Our strength is enabling you to tightly focus your search on a specific area or criteria. We cover all of the U.K. and Ireland and feature hundreds of holiday cottages spread across our green and pleasant land.

We also have a powerful search engine that allows you to set criteria such as pet friendly, cottages with a pool, near a pub, near the beach, cottages with tennis courts and much more. It’s a fast, easy way to select the perfect accommodation for your needs.

Boat rentals

We don’t just do holiday cottages, we also feature a number of holiday boat rentals too! Ever wanted to pilot a narrowboat around the Norfolk Broads? Ever thought of taking a cabin cruiser across a loch? Or exploring Britain’s thousands of miles of waterways? If you do, we can help!

The same search engine that powers our cottage searches can also be unleashed on your search for the perfect boat in the perfect area. We have hundreds of boats on our books of all shapes and sizes. No matter where you want to go or what type of craft you want, we’ll have something for you here.

We have designed holidaycottages.net to be lean, clean and simple to use. It isn’t cluttered with unnecessary noise or filled with irrelevant information. We have created it with you in mind and put the information you need front and centre.

If you have any questions about what we do or how we do it, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the website, or ideas for features, please get in touch.