Top ten Valentines movies of all time

If your idea of a good Valentine’s Day is curling up on the sofa with the one you love, this is the post for you. Many couples who use our romantic holiday cottages have no big plans, no activities lined up or major events scheduled. Many just like taking time away from modern life to reconnect with the one they love.

Watching a romantic movie is one way of spending quality time. If you want to know what the top ten Valentines movies of all time are, this is it. Many of our holiday cottages have TVs and DVD players so you have no excuse!

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a classic chick flick. A single girl writes a diary about daily life as she fights her way through being single and fancying her boss. It’s funnier and more charming than it sounds.

Addicted to Love

Addicted to Love deserved more positive reviews than it received. It’s an amusing romp showing two people trying to get their respective loves back with predictable results. Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan star.

My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding is another Valentine’s Day classic with Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney. These two make a deal to marry each other if they hit 28 without being hitched. Dermot meets Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts doesn’t like it.

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer is typical Adam Sandler, a good natured movie with a little romance thrown in for good measure. Also starring Drew Barrymore, the movie is a bit odd in places but in a good way.


Singles is a good film about a group of people in their twenties who are trying to settle down. It’s quite illustrative and contains a few good tips for men.

French Kiss

French Kiss is about what a woman will do to keep her love. Meg Ryan is engaged to Timothy Hutton, who in turn falls for a French woman. Meg works with Kevin Kline to win him back. Some good tips for the boys in this movie!

Notting Hill

There can’t be many people in the UK who hasn’t heard of Notting Hill. It’s a romantic classic starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts that set women aflame when it was release. It should need no introduction.

Last Tango in Paris

Not only is this movie a good instruction manual for young men, it’s also a good film in its own right. Marlon Brando is at his screen shattering best in this and it’s well worth watching on Valentine’s Day.


Chocolat is a charming film starring Jonny Depp and Julliete Binoche about an unconventional woman who opens a chocolate shop in a traditional French village. It’s a great little film.

Love Actually

Love Actually follows eight couples in the period leading up to Christmas one year in England. It’s a classic RomCom and one most women will love.

So if you’re planning on taking time away in one of our romantic holiday cottages, you have a list of great movies to take with you. Enjoy your time together!