Try a holiday cottage for your next fishing holiday

If you’re trying to think of things to do this summer, why not try a fishing holiday in one of our fantastic holiday cottages? With over fifteen thousand of them on our books, you really are spoilt for choice!

There is no doubt that fishing is one of Britain’s more popular pastimes. In fact, recent lifestyle surveys by the BBC found it to be the most popular pastime in the UK. It’s calming, relaxing and a perfect excuse to spend an afternoon surrounded by beautiful countryside while pitting your wits against nature.

It isn’t just men either, a growing number of women and children are taking up fishing. Either as an activity or as an escape from daily life. Whatever the reason, it’s good to get outside, leave computers and email behind and get back to nature for a while. It can only be a good thing that our kids want to spend time outside instead of in front of the TV!

So it’s lucky that the UK is so rich in fishing spots. Freshwater or saltwater, river or lake, there really is no end to the opportunities to hit the water with rod and tackle. From Scotland to Dorset, Suffolk to Wales, there are lakes, rivers and private fishing spots to enjoy.

If you prefer sea fishing, there is plenty of opportunity there too. We’re an island, surrounded by thousands of miles of coastline. You can fish from the beach, from the rocks or pier. You can hire a boat and head out to sea or hug the coastline and see what’s out there.

Wherever you go, whatever type of fishing you have, we have a cottage for you. We have thousands of high quality, competitively priced holiday cottages across the UK. Many of them are by rivers, lakes or by the coast. Perfect for a summer fishing holiday.

If modern life is getting you down, technology becoming a drag and you just want an escape from it all, fishing is the way to go. You can leave your phone at home so you’re not contactable, can’t check emails and can’t answer work calls. It’s the perfect answer to the challenges of modern living.

It’s also something we can help you with. Check out some of our most popular holiday cottages and find something near a river or lake. Book it and go. Pack your rod, your tackle and the family if you like. Don’t hesitate, don’t overthink it, book it. Go on, you deserve it!