Top tips for taking your dog to a holiday cottage

It’s becoming more common to holiday with our animals. We do the same here. We don’t go anywhere without our Labradoodle as he likes to be with us all the time. If you like to take your furry friends with you wherever you go, this post is for you!

Many holiday cottage owners are aware of our desire to take our pets with us when we go away so allow them in their properties. There are usually stipulations and an extra deposit to pay if you do, but the process is easy enough. Pet-friendly cottages are now so popular, we have a section on our website to help you search them quickly!

To help keep holiday cottage owners on side, we have put together some quick tips for if you want to holiday with your dog.

Keep animals off the furniture

While you may let your dog onto the furniture at home, most holiday cottage owners don’t want them on theirs. Not only do they get dirty, claws and collars can easily catch and damage said furniture. Plus, it means more cleaning before the next guest arrives.

Bring their toys and bed

Usually, if you keep your dog tired or occupied they are no trouble. A tired dog is a happy dog after all. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to bring lots of toys for them to play with and their bed to collapse into after a hard day playing and exploring.

Not only do they give them something to do and lie on, they are also familiar and help the dog ease into their new surroundings. Both allow your dog to enjoy your holiday as much as you.

Don’t leave animals unattended

Bored dogs create trouble. They can chew, bark, howl and destroy. They can also escape, go where they shouldn’t, try to find you or get themselves stuck in places they really shouldn’t.

While a dog should never be left somewhere they could do those things, it’s even more important that they aren’t while not somewhere familiar.

Clean up after them

What goes in must come out. All of our holiday cottage owners say cleaning up dog mess from their garden or property is their number one gripe. Followed shortly after by muddy paw prints everywhere and fur on the furniture. If you enjoyed your time in the holiday cottage, leave it in the condition you found it.

These four simple things will help ensure those holiday cottage owners who allow dogs will continue to do so. It could also help others who are on the fence about offering pet-friendly cottages to join in. Both would benefit all of us who like going on holiday with our dogs!