Why Holidaycottages.net works for holiday property owners

Holidaycottages.net is a leading holiday property website designed to offer benefits to both property owner and guest. It is a fast, efficient way for owners to increase occupancy and an easy way for guests to find quality holiday cottages at great prices.

There are a number of advantages to advertising your holiday cottage on Holidaycottages.net, here are just a few.


The more places your holiday rental is featured, the more bookings you should get. If the website that you feature on is also easy to use, cost-effective and simple to manage, it makes running your self-catering business even easier.

You have to agree that Holidaycottages.net is great to look at and offers plenty of opportunity to showcase your holiday cottage. That’s because we know the more your audience can see of your holiday let, the more likely they are to book it!

Fast route to market

If you own a holiday cottage, you want to get the word out about it fast. You don’t want to be waiting weeks for printers or creatives to make your marketing material, or have to schedule your advertising to suit a magazine publication. You want to advertise right here, right now.

All you have to do is email us with your details and we can begin building your advert right away. It’s fast, hassle-free and easy to manage.


Being able to tailor your holiday cottage advert to suit the individual property also has its advantages. Holidaycottages.net enables you to use multiple images to highlight selling points, pinpoint features and benefits so they appear in the selectable criteria.

This allows you to highlight things like being dog friendly, coastal location, indoor pools or saunas for potential guests to select. We have an entire menu on our home page for just those highlights.

Search visibility

As well as those selectable criteria, potential guests can use our own search engine or use our interactive map to select their holiday cottage. We provide four different ways for your audience to search for your holiday let.

By using multiple search methods, we cover all types of guest, those who like to browse, those who like to search and those who are looking for something specific.

Search engines

The Holidaycottages.net website is indexed by Google. This means, not only do you feature on our own search engine results, you can also feature on Google’s too. That extra little publicity can only help your exposure.

Those are just some of the many reasons why you should use Holidaycottages.net to advertise your property. The website is well designed, offers benefits to both advertisers and guests and has been created with you both in mind.

If you have a holiday cottage and would like to feature it on a website designed to maximise visibility, you’re in the right place. Contact us today to to get started!

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