Why are holiday cottages so popular?

With the world now smaller than ever before, with airlines flying to more places and holiday companies catering to all kinds of traveller, why is staying at home and renting a holiday cottage still so popular?

There are several reasons for this. The price of travel, the hassle of the airport, the length of journey and the desire to see more of the UK. Let’s take a look at each.

The price of foreign travel

There is no doubt that foreign travel is cheaper than ever before, but it can still be quite expensive. Once you factor in transport and parking at the airport, extras like insurance, new clothes, flights, hotels, tips and all the rest, a foreign holiday can be an expensive undertaking.

The airport experience

Since 9/11, foreign travel has been something of a nightmare. We have always had to turn up hours before the flight and wait around for the airline’s convenience, but it’s even worse now.

Now we have to humiliate ourselves by taking our shoes off, have our own property removed from our bags and confiscated, be body searched, ID checked and if you’re travelling to the U.S. it’s even more intrusive.

The airport itself is an expensive business built around maximising profit out of a captive audience. It’s hard to not think the entire hassle of flying anywhere is designed more around making money out of you here than keeping everyone safe.

Whatever the truth of it is, we know renting a holiday cottage in the UK is nowhere near as troublesome or expensive!

Length of journey

We can appreciate there’s nothing quite like visiting a new country and absorbing new cultures, trying new food and taking it all in. We can also appreciate that not everyone’s idea of a holiday is spending 10-14 hours on an aircraft to get there.

Factor in travel time to the airport and to the hotel at the far end and that time mounts up. Even in the worst of British traffic, it won’t take you that long to get to where you’re going!

See more of home

Even with personal mobility being at an all-time high, we don’t get to see as much of our country as we should. Our typical journeys are to work and to the supermarket. We don’t get to see our own country half as much as we should.

That’s where a holiday cottage comes in. Ever wanted to see the highlands? Hike the Lake District? Go mountain biking in Wales? It’s all possible when you can rent a holiday cottage nearby.

The world is a huge and exciting place, but Britain isn’t so bad either. That’s why holiday cottages are so popular!

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