How to select the right holiday cottage for you

If you’re in the market for a holiday cottage you are now spoiled for choice. There are more self-catering holiday lets in the UK now than ever before. So how do you select the right holiday cottage for you?

The demand for holidays at home and the increased cost and hassle of travelling abroad has allowed our domestic holiday market to expand to fill the gap. With all that variety comes the need to make choices to find the right one for you.

Fortunately, the decision making process for finding the right holiday cottage is the same as deciding on any holiday. It comes down to:

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Needs
  • Property type
  • Amenities


For good or ill, everything comes down to money. Selecting a holiday cottage is like any other financial decision. What you can have depends on how much you can afford.

If you’re looking for a family holiday, you also need to consider entertainment, eating out and daily costs just like you would on a foreign holiday. You will also need to factor in food and drink as this is a self-catering holiday.

The upside is that there are no airport fees, no expensive plane tickets, no need for visas, transfers or other expenses associated with a holiday abroad.


This decision is the same too. Where do you want to go? We are now spoiled for choice with regards good quality holiday cottages. They are everywhere and that’s great news for you!

The other benefit to this is that you don’t need to spend hours getting there. Wherever in the UK you decide to rent a holiday cottage, it’s only ever going to be a few hours driving or train time away.


Your particular needs will influence where you go and what kind of property you go for. Do you need several bedrooms? A dog friendly holiday cottage? Internet access? A property with wheelchair access?

All these requirements will dictate which holiday cottages will be suitable for your holiday and which will not.

Property type

We feature all sorts of cottages from all periods of our history with all sorts of features. Decisions are more often based on location, number of bedrooms and amenities, but property type can also influence a buying decision.

Features such as thatch or red brick and types such as rustic, quaint or sweet cottages have a surprising influence over which rental we go for.


We regard amenities as “would like to have” rather than the needs we listed above. We would typically class holiday cottages with a pool, sauna, tennis court or something like that as one with amenities. This is usually the final deciding factor when choosing a holiday cottage.

All these things would add to the experience, but would otherwise have little influence over your choice compared to the other criteria we have listed.

So now you have all this information, why not use it to your benefit? Browse the site and select a holiday cottage that meets all of these criteria. There are certainly plenty to choose from!

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