Top five reasons why a holiday cottage is better than a hotel

Anyone who has already stayed in a holiday cottage with will know why their experience was so much better than a hotel break. For those of you who have yet to try it or are on the fence, here are five great reasons why a holiday cottage is better than a hotel.

Fantastic value

It’s hard to beat value as a reason for choosing a holiday cottage over a hotel. While headline prices may look very similar, the pricing structure is very different. For example, a hotel room costing £120 per night will usually be for two people. A holiday cottage costing £120 per night could be for anything up to eight or ten.

Add to that the fact that you have an entire property at your disposal with multiple rooms and often a garden or some kind of outdoor space, it’s really hard to compare the two.


Hotels can be fantastic to stay in but you’re always conscious you’re one of potentially hundreds of people all within a small space sharing many facilities. Walls are thin, you can hear what next door are talking about, or worse and people walk up and down the corridor at all hours.

A holiday cottage can offer the privacy of your own property, your own garden and are often detached too. That counts for a lot if you value your privacy.


If you love city life, a hotel is hard to beat. However, if you love the countryside and some exclusive locations, a holiday cottage is king. There aren’t many affordable hotels next to rivers, inside or next to National Parks, on the beach, in a forest or beside a lake. Yet we have hundreds of holiday cottages that offer just that.

We also have holiday cottages in towns, cities, quaint villages and just about everywhere you’re likely to want to visit.

Home away from home

Some people are happy leaving everything at home and experiencing a completely new environment without any reference to the old. Many people are not. For those, a holiday cottage is a perfect opportunity to have a holiday and explore somewhere new while also having familiar surroundings.

You can bring what you like to make you feel comfortable. There’s usually room for everything.

Bring the dog

There are a few hotels in the UK and Ireland that allow dogs but there are usually strict rules about where they can go and when. There are no such rules in your own holiday cottage. As long as you leave the cottage the same way you found it, your well-behaved dog is welcome at hundreds of locations across the country.

Our dogs are part of the family and deserve a holiday as much as we do. After all, they will love exploring their new surroundings, running through woods or along the beach so it would be a shame to leave them behind!

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