The best time of year to visit Ireland

With spring almost upon us we are slowly throwing off the sluggishness of winter and looking forward to sunshine, flowers and new life. It’s also a good time to begin thinking about your holidays and about what kind of holiday cottage you’re going to choose and where in the world you’re going to stay.

Ireland is a fantastic place to visit. Both Northern Ireland and the Republic have some of the most beautiful green spaces anywhere in the world. It’s also calm, friendly and very, very welcoming. Add in plenty of things to do, some excellent holiday lets and lots of things to see and do and you have a recipe for a truly unforgettable break.

When to visit Ireland

Ireland’s climate is influenced hugely by the Atlantic Ocean. As an island, we are surrounded by water but none is more powerful than the Atlantic. We usually get mild moist air all the way from the Caribbean which keeps the temperature under control but can bring unpredictability with it.

The weather is a constant topic of conversation here as we never really know what to expect from one minute to the next. But we love it that way!

Typically, spring runs from late February to April. Temperatures slowly climb from their winter lows during February and become very mild during April. Summer runs from end of May to July, where temperatures continue to rise until the highs of July and sometimes into August.

From there, August to October is autumn and November until January/February is Winter. July and August can get anything up to 18 hours a day of sunshine, so is often when most people visit Ireland and stay in one of our holiday cottages. While those summer months are great, there is a lot more to our beautiful island than that.

The rain brings a freshness to the air you can’t get anywhere else. Well, we think so anyway. It makes the fields shine, the birds sing and it makes everything look fantastic. Those early days of a new spring offer a feeling of hope and optimism that we love to share. Even the days of autumn have something to offer. Golden leaves in the woods and forests, early sunsets overs newly harvested fields and lots of opportunities to see wildlife prepare for winter.

Winter in Ireland is lovely too. The winter landscape offers a character all of its own. The air is crisp, the landscape quiet and eerily lovely. That feeling of getting home to a log fire after a bracing walk in the chill simply cannot be bettered.

Essentially, I think what we’re trying to say here is that anytime is a good time to stay in Ireland. The range of holiday cottages we have offer a huge variety of surroundings, locations, amenities and opportunities. There’s bound to be something here that will really make your stay!

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