Summer adventures in Cornwall

If you’re planning to spend summer in Cornwall staying in one of our lovely holiday cottages, you’re not going to be short of things to do. To add a little adventure to your summer break, why not try one of these adventurous activities?

With a selection of high quality holiday cottages all around the Cornish coastline, all of these activities are within easy reach of your accommodation. That makes them ideal for a day of adventure while you’re on holiday!

Body boarding

Body boarding is a type of surfing that uses a shorter surfboard and fins. You also do it lying down so is much more accessible than surfing. There are a number of body boarding schools in and around Cornwall, including some owned and run by professional surfers.

If you fancy getting into the water without having to spend days learning how to transition on the board, this is the activity for you!


If you can swim and are comfortable underwater, why not try spearfishing? Spearfishing is a combination of snorkelling, free diving and fishing. James Bond has done it, it has been on TV, now you can try it too.

With the fantastic shoreline all around Cornwall, there are ample opportunities to dive and get to see a part of this fantastic county you wouldn’t normally see. Check out the spearfishing schools and book your lessons now.


Cornwall is most famous for surfing, so you would be remiss for not giving it a try when you’re staying in a Cornish holiday cottage. There are surf schools all around the coast, with quite a few around Fistral Beach where the surf is ideal for catching a wave.

We would definitely suggest taking a lesson or three first unless you have tried it before. There are dozens of great surf schools around so you really are spoiled for choice there.


Not all adventures in Cornwall take place in the sea. With miles and miles of dramatic coastline, the cliffs are a playground for the skilled and adventurous too. There are a number of abseiling centres dotted around the coast, as well as rock and cliff climbing.

If you’re good with heights and want to see the Cornish coastline from a completely different angle, this could be the activity for you.

Those are just four of the many adventurous activities available in Cornwall. If you’re planning a summer in the sun in one of our superb holiday cottages, you’re perfectly placed to try them!

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